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Thank you for visiting our website.  We provide a friendly, supportive New Resident experience for Second Life members.  Mindful Cove offers resources for anyone interested in mental health and emotional wellbeing. Come learn some basic SL skills, check out our libraries, and enjoy the peaceful, scenic Region!


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This is a mockup of the type of web page we could produce for our Communoty Gateway. Because we don’t have any content yet other than the region mockup, here is a gallery of some of the projects sponsored by or with Avalon Birke (RL Tammy Fletcher, PhD, LMFT) over the last 13 years in Second Life.  Note: content would be changed to reflect appropriate SL CG requirements…this is just an example). You can visit a very “rough draft” of a Mindful Cove Community Gateway here:  SimED (114,59,25)